Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke made furniture gives you control over every aspect of style, size and fabric choice – it’s all up to you. It enables you to have furniture which blends with your colour scheme and décor while giving you a truly unique piece of furniture that perfectly fits your home.

Maybe you’ve been in your home for many years, the existing furniture has been great and the overall aesthetic is one you love. But things can change and families grow, why not duplicate a two-seater sofa or add another arm chair to your existing suite?

You will not find better quality than a specifically tailored piece built by a skilled craftsperson who will add a level of expertise and artistry that factory made furniture just can’t compete with and the sustainability that only built to last furniture can give you. If you’ve budgeted for high end store bought furniture, custom made pieces can be surprisingly comparable in cost and add so much more to the value. For a piece made with time-honoured craftmanship and attention to detail, custom made furniture is a natural choice.

We can make your desired piece of furniture from just a photograph, so what are you waiting for! Email a photo to simon@simonhoulding.co.uk for a quote.