For the outdoors

Outdoor Curtains

Why should your living area stop at the back door?

An outdoor living space extends your home into your garden and adds value to your life. In today’s demanding work place we are frequently being asked to work longer hours, having a relaxing place outside your home can create a holiday feel to the end of your day and your weekends.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small patio, a large terrace or roof deck, when an outdoor space is designed and decorated well, they are the ideal spot to hang out and entertain so why let the British weather dictate how much you use it?

When designing your covered outdoor space have you thought about adding curtains? Curtains not only enhance the aesthetic, though they do look stunning, they provide a privacy screen without being obtrusive. They are cost-effective by way of extending the life of your seating areas by protecting them from the elements and maximising the use of your outdoor space. Soft furnishings can remain outside in all weather and your curtains can co-ordinate with your seat cushions creating a seamless style and flow.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, outdoor curtains play a practical role in your design. They make a crucial difference to temperature control by creating shade on a hot summers day or deflecting the wind during colder months and if you have an outdoor heating system they will also retain the heat. Curtains will reduce the quantity of flying pests that enter your outdoor space, though don’t throw out the mosi spray just yet unfortunately they won’t eliminate them completely!

Even if your space isn’t covered, curtains can still be a welcome addition to your design. They can be used to create shade, provide as a stylish backdrop to a seating area, to hide an unsightly fence, create a separate area for cooking or dining or maybe just to add a softness to the overall look - the possibilities are endless.

The outdoor curtains produced by Simon Houlding are of the highest standard using only the most suitable fabric for the purpose. Available in a range of colours, the fabrics are weather and UV resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. Seating areas can be made to look as stunning as they are comfortable with cushions to compliment the overall look with the curtains and dining chairs which co-ordinate to soften the most rustic of design. Simons outdoor curtains are proven to look amazing several years after installation. For weather resistant curtains, cushions and seating you need look no further. #Qualityineverythingwedo