Roman Blinds

All our roman blinds are made on site in the workshop by our own talented makers. Roman blinds consist of fabric which is pulled up in folds to stack neatly at the top of the window when opened and lower to reveal the full beauty of the fabric when closed. Roman blinds are the perfect way to show of an incredible pattern and use less fabric than curtains so are a good way to introduce higher quality fabric. We offer all our customers bespoke design advice as part of the service.

What you can expect:

  • Either Simon or our fitter will take accurate measurements to ensure the blind is a perfect fit.
  • Simon and the maker have a full debrief of the job from the nature of the blind to the location within the house which it will hang.
  • The curtain maker will calculate the number of folds to create the desired depth of the stack when pulled up and to accommodate the best pattern placement, this will also be decided at this point to ensure the pattern is visually pleasing even when the blind is pulled up.
  • The fabric is thoroughly checked by two curtain makers before the first cut is made, even the smallest of flaws will be questioned and if there is any doubt the fabric will be returned and a new roll will be requested from the manufacturer.
  • All our blinds are lined and interlined. Blackout lining is used as standard to protect the fabric from the sun.
  • Once completed end caps are made by our upholstery team, pattern matched whenever possible, and hand sewn to the side of the blind so the cassette mechanism is not visible on blinds fitted outside of the recess so all that is seen is the beauty of the fabric.

All our blinds are made in relation to the child safety requirements in accordance with the standard affecting internal window blinds that was significantly revised in 2014. Which includes:

  • Limitations on cord and chain lengths.
  • Safety devices for preventing cords and chains from creating a hazardous loop.
  • The fitting of safety devices on cords and chains at point of manufacture.

For all your other blind needs

It has taken many years to source the best quality made-to-measure roller venetian, vertical and recessed blinds. All your needs will be taken into account to make sure the blind is most suited to you and our fitter will take accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Roller Blinds

We have installed many roller blinds for our customers over the years, not only are they available in the manufacturers signature range of fabrics but are also available using a wide range of fabrics from leading suppliers.

UV Protection Sun Blinds

Beautiful and practical these sheer blinds come in a range of fine through to opaque and in an array of neutral colours. They look elegant and add a touch of class while protecting your curtains and upholstery from UV damage especially in a south facing room. These blinds fit in seamlessly in both contemporary and traditionally decorated homes.

Venetian and Vertical Blinds

Venetian blinds are available in a huge variation of natural wood or paint finishes and all widths of slats, vertical blinds are available in a rainbow of colours and widths.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Ideal for doors, bi-fold doors, skylights or anywhere you want to eliminate bulk and movement. These blinds fit inside the window frame and can be operated manually or electric.

Electric Blinds

Roman, roller and recessed blinds are all available with an electric mechanism to operate the blind at the touch of a button.