If you’re into sleek, elegant design shutters are a stylish alternative window-dressing to curtains or blinds and can be measured and fitted to any size, any shape of window.

As well as offering style and practicality, shutters are the ideal choice for the budget conscious as their longevity means excellent value for money. If you have a penchant for the 1950’s, are in love with all things modern or prefer a traditional Edwardian style, shutters can fit in seamlessly and survive the transition from style to style.

If your house is situated near a busy road or facing right into the street shutters can certainly reduce external noise and prevent onlookers from intruding on your privacy. They create a barrier between your room and the outside with the option of partial closing, to let light in but keeping prying eyes out!

South facing rooms can benefit from shutters as light can be filtered or angled to reduce glare and overheating in the summer, curtains would need to be drawn during the day which is, quite frankly, pretty grim at any time of year!

For allergy sufferers, shutters are the healthy choice, they do not harbour dust as curtains and blinds do and are easier to clean than venetian blinds as there are no strings, a simple hoover with the brush attachment and your shutters are dust free.

Available in a range of colours to suit your décor and a high-quality finish, shutters offer an immediate point of interest, we can guide you through every step of the design and will be measured and fitted by our dedicated fitter #qualityineverythingwedo