Modern - Traditional - Bespoke


If your furniture has seen better days you may have thoughts of replacing it with new. As exciting as that prospect can be most furniture nowadays is not made in the same way and with the same standard of frame as before. Therefore, if the piece has served you well for many years it is advisable to restore the old than buying new. Furniture restoration, when done well will return the piece to its new state, in some cases better than new, and can achieve another 20 years of use.

What else though would make furniture restoration the most desirable course of action to take?

Some people feel a genuine attachment to their furnishings and the decision may be a sentimental one. The furniture has been part of their life for so long it can’t help but take on a certain character by the people who live with it. Traditionally upholstered furniture has antique qualities and its own unique story. Maybe you have a chair that passed down through your family for generations, the memories and emotion that an inherited chair can evoke are priceless. No matter how you came across your piece of furniture you’re probably attached to it for one of a number of sentimental reasons. All upholstery elements wear down over time, consider restoration as an investment, especially if you hope to pass on your item to your children or grand-children as a family heirloom. Restoration can completely change the look of furniture without losing its character. Having a vintage sofa that looks like new will definitely bring a unique touch to even the most modern of décor with the fabric of choice, preserving the future of your furniture.

The throw-away society of the past is something many people feel we are still paying for today, and something most feel needs to be eradicated from our culture for future generations. It takes 1000 times more carbon dioxide in order to make a new furniture piece so by choosing to restore old furniture you are helping to reduce the level of carbon thus protecting the environment.

So, over to us...

Traditional upholstery is a craft that dates back centuries. The materials are natural and proven, tied and sewn together layer after layer by hand. There are many more layers to traditional upholstery than you may imagine, the techniques require skill, patience and great attention to detail. Even the process of stripping back the furniture to the bare frame is lengthy.

Modern upholstery is also applied in layers by hand but using modern materials such as fire-retardant foam held in place by staples and glue. Each piece of foam is shaped and applied to create the form of the finished piece and is no way a swift process but an efficient way of creating the sleek lines of modern, contemporary furniture.

The satisfaction of transforming a worn out piece into a thing of beauty is worth every minute and the furniture is revived to be a unique addition to an interior once again.

Our customer’s sofa was the perfect fit for her lounge but she wasn’t happy with how it looked, a re-design has brought it up to date from shabby to chic!